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Serving as a Team, Committed to Excellence
We are a nationwide group of commercial roofing contractors who help each other provide better service.
Countless Experience as a Group
Members and supported contractors share their specialized knowledge with each other.
commercial roof replacement
Why Spend a Fortune on Your Roof?
You could save tens of thousands of dollars by extending the life of even heavily damaged roofs.
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Extend Existing Roof's Life!
With a coating restoration system, you can have a seamless roof barrier that is water-tight and energy efficient.
cool roof systems
White is the New Green!
In just 5-7 years, ENERGY STAR® Certified commercial roofing systems have paid for themselves!
commercial roofing contractors
We Use the Best!
The incredibly durable roofing systems the group uses are manufactured by a respected manufacturer.
  • How Members Stand Out

    • "Lifetime Service Guarantee"
    • Third-Party-Verified Reputation
    • Quality Support from Peer Group
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  • Conklin Roofing Systems

    • 35 Years of Proven Performance
    • Non-Prorated Warranty Guarantees
    • Superior Durability and Protection
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Quality Commercial Roofing Services Commitment

The Choice Roof Contractor Group™ represents a nationwide group of commercial roofing contractors who have committed to providing quality services to building owners while helping fellow roofers do the same. The commercial roofing companies in our group must meet or exceed membership qualifications while also maintaining a positive track record in the marketplace.

  • Teamwork and Camaraderie

    When selecting one of our members to service your building, you will benefit from the knowledge and support offered by our nationwide group. They are offered the resources needed to fix, repair or install virtually any commercial roof regardless of present condition, size, type, or unique demands.

  • Energy-Saving Cool Roof Systems

    The high-performance roofing systems we use for commercial roof repair, restoration, and replacement jobs are ENERGY STAR®-certified. These roof systems reflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat, lower roof surface temperatures by up to 80°, and can pay for themselves in 4-7 years.

  • “Lifetime Service Guarantee”

    Via the network, our members stand behind their commercial roofing services with a “Lifetime Service Guarantee” program. If a Choice Roof Contractor is unavailable for servicing your roof, another qualified Choice Roof Contractor can step in as a proxy and provide expert, quality service.

  • Leak-free Performance

    Conklin’s roof coating systems are completely seamless and offer long-lasting endurance. They protect buildings from the elements while adding very little weight, are easily repaired, generate substantial energy efficiency, and can last far longer than competing systems on the market.

Other Ways Our Nationwide Contractor Group Differs from Commercial Roofing Companies

  • commercial-roofing-services“Lifetime Service Guarantee” exclusively offered by Choice Roof Contractors
  • First-rate support from a group of commercial roofing contractors
  • Potentially tens of thousands of dollars in energy cost savings
  • Lasting roofing protection that performs well in all seasons
  • Non-prorated warranties for full coverage during entire term
  • Benefits from our network’s partnerships and supplier deals

Complete terms and conditions of the “Lifetime Service Guarantee” are contained in the Terms of Use, Disclosures, and Conditions found at

Commercial Roofing Companies Supported by the Group

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